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22 April 2016


On the hills of Gracciano, one of the most important historical cru of the Nobile di Montepulciano production area, rises the della Seta Ferrari Corbelli’s winery.

Gracciano della Seta is one of the historical estates of this area: inherited in 1950 by the Svetoni family, nowadays the winery owns 18 hectares of vineyards that will become organic soon. A special care is addressed to the pursuit of an elegant and traditional style in winemaking, with big oak barrels for ageing and a predilection for Prugnolo Gentile. These wines are the result of an ageold tradition and history, a strengthened style, a handed-down passion and a generous land. After Piera Mazzucchelli’s long management, the estate is now leaded by Marco, Vannozza and Galdina della Seta, with the support of his father Dr. Giorgio della Seta. The last generation has given a new fresh drive to the winery, as proved by the recently built cellar designed by Agata Torricelli, a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Also, the estate encloses an historical wine museum that preserves bottles from the 40s and all the years by Tenuta Gracciano della Seta from 1968 these days.